The Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit

Developing exceptional leaders starts today. We open limitless opportunities. Together, we build the future.

Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Now on it’s 12th year of building young leaders, the Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit reaches a significant milestone in preparing and empowering the youth to drive change for a better world both in their chosen field and as members of society. The AFLBS is our shared commitment in developing and nurturing our young and promising delegates into becoming effective leaders in the future.

Guaranteeing Better Tomorrows By Forging Our Leadership Today


What began in 2006 as a gathering of Cebu’s brightest student leaders with the vision of preparing them for the corporate world, has become an annual phenomenon that brings together the top-ranking students from the country’s finest universities for a 3-day summit on business and leadership – the Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit (AFLBS).

Over the Summit’s history, participants include working scholars, varsity athletes, honor students, and organization leaders, each bringing an inspiring story, visionary ideals and high hopes for the future of the country. They are guided by Aboitiz executive leaders from different business industries who impart their knowledge, experience, and philosophies to the country’s future leaders.

The Summit provides delegates with basic leadership and management strategies and how they are concretized in a corporate environment. It engages participants to interact, network and establish professional ties with Aboitiz leaders and talents as well with fellow delegates. Through plenary discussions, teambuilding exercises, and team challenges, the Summit also aims to bring out the best from the student delegates, inspire them to develop a renewed hope in the country, and encourage them to strive for excellence in all things.

Nurture your potential. Explore your natural curiosity about the world and your interest in the diversity of people. For this interest can inspire visionary initiatives even beyond our borders.
–Erramon I. Aboitiz, President & CEO, Aboitiz Group

The 11th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit (AFLBS) welcomed 91 of the country’s best and brightest college student delegates to the annual youth congress, which was held at the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu from November 3 to 5.

In his opening keynote, Aboitiz Group President Erramon Aboitiz talked about ‘#BetterWorld: The Aboitiz Way’, emphasizing to the young participants the value of fostering leadership skills.

The students—58 from Luzon, 20 from Visayas, and 13 from Mindanao—come from a mix of degree courses such including Accountancy, Engineering, Economics, and Psychology, among others.

Every year, the Aboitiz Future Leaders gathers the country’s brightest college student leaders for a three-day summit of fun and knowledge through activities that allow participants to develop their leadership skills and learn management concepts in a corporate environment.

Aside from top Aboitiz executives, invited keynote speakers were internationally acclaimed Filipino furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue ​and tech entrepreneur Paul Rivera, CEO and co-founder of

Concluding its 11th year of building young talented leaders, the AFLBS​ continues to prepare and empower the youth to be change-makers in their chosen fields and society in general.

“In Aboitiz, people are our greatest assets, which means that human resources holds a key role in the organization—that of finding the right people to occupy the right positions and motivating them to excel and be the best at what they do,” shared Txabi Aboitiz, AEV Chief Human Resource Officer.

Source: Aboitiz Eyes, The Official Publication of the Aboitiz Group


To apply for the AFLBS, the applicant must:

  • Be a Filipino citizen, 25 years old or younger at the time of the Summit
  • Be a graduating student taking a bachelor’s degree – 4th year student of a 4-year course or 5th year student of a 5-year course (by SY 2017-2018)
  • Be taking up any course in the following fields of study:
    • Accountancy
    • Business / Management / Finance
    • Information Technology or Systems
    • Engineering
    • Communications / Multimedia Arts
    • Social Sciences (Psychology, Economics and Political Science)
  • Must not have any failing grade or any disciplinary cases inside and outside campus
  • Be an active leader or officer of any student organization – student government, academic, cause-oriented, socio-civic or religious in nature



The applicant must fully accomplish the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM (click here) on the given deadline.

The following are the attachments as you go through the form:

  • A certified true copy of the applicant’s college transcript for all undergraduate course work, ending with the grades from the last semester of SY 2016 – 2017.
  • Certification from the School Registrar stating the overall cumulative GPA / GWA of the applicant and the percentage equivalent grade.
  • Certifications supporting leadership experience, awards received, and community involvements.


Applicants will also be asked to provide details of their evaluator of choice – one from the academe and one from non-academe. A link will be sent to them for the recommendation form.