Why Aboitiz

Don Ramon


Our History. We trace our roots to the late 1800s as an abaca trading and general merchandise company. Later, under the strategic direction of Don Ramon Aboitiz, the company’s patriarch, we entered the shipping business and eventually expanded into other industries. In 1920, Aboitiz y Compania was incorporated and in 1935 became known as Aboitiz and Company, Incorporated.

Aboitiz Today. Four generations of visionary leadership have built a stable and trusted company that to this day follows a corporate culture uniquely Aboitiz. At the core of this culture is our drive and our attitude to never simply accept the status quo. We constantly challenge traditional industry standards to strengthen our competitive edge. We raise the bar for our industries, for our businesses, and even for ourselves, exploring innovative ways to delight all our stakeholders. Our culture, combined with our strong entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and teamwork, inspires us to lead, excel and serve.

Our Businesses, Your Career. Today our businesses span a spectrum of industry segments, from power, banking, food to construction, land development & ship building. This represents multiple career options for our people as their capabilities grow or as their personal circumstances change.

Innovation & Growth. We are committed to deliver best‐in‐class products and services to all clients. We do this by developing deep client insight, selecting the right people and employing the most innovative yet appropriate technology. Our focus on quality and the customer is the root and result of our passion for better ways.

Looking for A‐People. We at Aboitiz are strongly motivated individuals who like to get things done and who live out our culture to deliver our brand promise every time, anytime. We are A‐people, driven to excel in everything we do! We are not afraid of new challenges. We are driven to lead just as we thrive with teamwork. We celebrate successes and cheer for each other’s accomplishments. We provide great client service because we are driven to serve! A‐people take responsible action and display personal discipline, integrity and pride in being part of a conglomerate with a trusted name in business.

Are you an A‐person? You will be at home with us.

Earn Your Rewards. At the heart of our employee retention success is a pay philosophy that rewards performance and promotes on merit, not entitlement. We benchmark against industry standards and aim to be the employer of choice. Our company thrives on the dedication and commitment of our people. We benefit from training programs to keep our skills competitive. We learn on‐the‐job and off, and avail of mobility opportunities up career paths, across companies and locations, and across job functions.

Belong & Make a Difference. We make our work environment casual and enjoyable. More than compensation, we value the ability to create for ourselves real opportunities to make a difference in the communities we serve by personal volunteerism or by participating in our employee clubs and corporate social responsibility programs. We find meaning not by what we take but by what we give.

Share the Passion. If you find a good fit with Aboitiz and share our passion for better ways, explore your opportunities now.